How to remain healthy when you are under debt?

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People often remain under a common misunderstanding that having an ultimate standard of living sometimes leads them in debt. Their livelihoods throw them to the difficulty, and they do not get any way to come back. The fact behind the truth lies in the fact that their unemployment and less earning happen this debt problem without targeting any group. 

This kind of debt is very common and may happen to anybody.

 Your approach towards money

If you are out of your job, you are suffering from poor physical health or mental conditions. As a reason for your job loss, you have also separated from your spouse or your partners, and all these changes indicate that you are in hardship. Any kind of adjustment under such an economic transformation may be difficult for all of us, even though it’s only for a short time.

The blow of debt on our mental health

Though we all know it very well that health is wealth, but sometimes we forget to consider health as our wealth rather run all day long to earn money. In our young age, More or less all of us have spent long by exercise in a gym or have concentrated on our food habits .but as the days pass on and we reach to our maturity, we forget to pamper our health, and our main focus becomes our career. There is no problem with this issue that in our grown-up ages we will be focused on our career. But the problem starts when we are only focused on earning money and forget to take care of our health.

Our problem goes deep-rooted at the time when in spite of being so much caring about our career we have not enough money in our hand, and we go to lend money from various sources. To be prosperous in our life, we need money, and there is no debate on this issue. But to achieve financial happiness, we demand to have financial freedom rather than having healthier financially.

The health impacts

There’s no disagreement with the fact that the connection between financial wellbeing and physical health is obvious. A survey done on 2015 by one of the largest banks in the US discovered that our goals are much easier to attain when our finances are in order, and good financial health always contributes in having a positive force on our physical health. Alternatively, reduced economic health can have a shocking ripple effect on our health.

If we get money worries, then it is very obvious that we will have stress and fretfulness and that will be manifested in physically such as increased blood pressure, lack of sleep, and heart problems. Our mental health is badly affected when we have monetary scarcity. Depression can also start when monetary fears are present. The influence of depression is so overwhelming that not a single person gets rid of it. If a house goes under the effect of depression, the impact falls on everybody in the household who is under economic worries. So, our financial fitness touches on every feature of our lives such as attitudes, behaviors and emotional stability.

Impact of anxiety and depression

Two of the most common effects of financial stress – anxiety, and depression, usually go together. The manifestation of anxiety manifests itself in different ways, but a vast majority suffer with it report fear attacks, and they feel tightening in their chest. It becomes very hard to breathe. Medical science proofs it that Anxiety is psychological as well as physical. Even if you escape that panic attack, you may still have experience of profuse sweating, unwanted thoughts, trembling, nausea, or a rapid heartbeat.

Depression another after effect of poverty goes away from self-doubt and general feelings of sadness. A wide range of physical and mental indications come along depression, and it may include a change in appetite, trouble sleeping, a lack of interest in favorite activities, and mainly dark thoughts. One may be attacked on depression if any of his/her is dead or the person is separated from a dear one, and now when the financial burden attacks you to hold up your household depression comes in an obvious way.

One should not be taken depression lightly; when you’re exceptionally stressed, your body automatically enters the “flight” approach. Adrenaline hormone starts increasing heart rate and blood pressure. Your veins then are ready either make use of this adrenaline hormone for ‘fight’ mode and to handle them through the current position or take ‘flight’ or evade the situation. Invisible Physical responses occur in your body when you’re strained and can affect your body severely.

Other issues that may happen under tremendous financial stress are:

  • Diabetes
  • Heart Disease/Attack
  • Weight Gain/Loss
  • Gastrointestinal Problems
  • Psoriasis
  • Eating Disorders
  • Insomnia
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Cancer
  • Substance Abuse

Leading a stressful life under sudden attacks of diseases is not the permanent solution to be successful in your journey of life.   To attain a change in your future and to make your dreams fulfilled – it’s time to think about the importance of deciding for being entitled with financial strength. Many have no idea of their expenses; when they avoid in keeping an account of it, this is the. The initial step to recognize your expenses 

  • Make a budget

Rather focusing on your earning it’s time to concentrate on your savings .you should keep all records very clear how much you spend and how much you save. Try to be very honest and maintain a diary to write down your daily expenditure including all the sneaky pleasure. Try to read debt consolidation reviewsto know how to control your budget within your earning.

 Keep away from Auto-pilot mode

Always try to avoid Auto-pilot mode by using credit cards Pay Pass, cards, PayPal, etc. If you keep on your auto-pilot mode, then you are likely to overspend your money. For instance, if you are hungry and do your food shopping this time, then you are going to waste your money by deciding fancifully. Always try to use your credit cards when you have enough time and you are relaxed mentally.

  • Bank some money

From day one start putting some money left for another day. This is only the saving that acts as a buffer if you are in an emergency. Saving brings personal happiness and makes you believe that you can pass on all your hardships.

  • Evade bad debt

To be financially well you should escape from using, personal loans, Credit cards, and all the lines of credit that are dollar deprivers. All varieties of consumer debt are obtained easily but have fees like application fees, administration fees or other hidden fees along with high-interest rates. Such a Debt can reflect on heavily on people’s mind making severe nervousness and depression. 

This is the time of knowing what you desire and to focus accordingly. Your hard –earned money should be utilized in the best possible way making you happy and healthy forever.