Little Ways You Can Impress Your Dinner Guests

Little Ways You Can Impress Your Dinner Guests
Little Ways You Can Impress Your Dinner Guests

You don’t need to go overboard when trying to impress your guests at a dinner party. Your guests are there to experience a night filled with tasty food and stimulating conversation. Don’t overdo it with theatrics. Instead, try to nail the simpler things. Instead of blowing all your money on fancy items, you can take a couple of steps to make their evening. Learn about some little ways you can impress your dinner guests.

Give Your Guests a Genuine Greeting

Your guests will appreciate seeing your face as soon as the doors open. Make sure you greet your guests in person. Having someone else answer the door can make your guests feel like you aren’t happy to see them. Ensure you make eye contact while greeting. You definitely don’t want to greet your guests while looking down at your phone!

Start off With Cocktails

A great way to loosen up your guests is by serving cocktails. Provide a drink as soon as your guests arrive so they feel welcome. You can even come up with an original cocktail to make things more interesting. If you come up with your own signature drink, you’re sure to spark some lively conversation.

Spend Extra Time Setting the Table

You want to nail the basics to make a great impression. Take your time setting the table so that it looks exceptional. Make sure that you have some beautiful and durable dinnerware to use as well. It’s affordable and looks fantastic. Your guests will appreciate final touches like folded napkins and a symmetrical setup, too.

Serve Dishes at Room Temperature

While this suggestion may seem odd, this action goes a long way. If you serve a hot meal, your guests will have to fight the clock and eat as quickly as possible. This goes against the idea of what a dinner party is all about—you’re there to eat at a slow, relaxed pace while talking with guests. Salads, cold cuts, fish, bread, and other dishes are great for these occasions. You can even introduce a lazy Susan setup in which everyone can share.

You have many little ways you can impress your dinner guests. Keep these recommendations in mind the next time you’re throwing a dinner party.