Top Dog Breeds for Families With Young Children

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Top Dog Breeds for Families With Young Children
Top Dog Breeds for Families With Young Children

Dogs are incredible—they make our lives more prosperous and more vibrant. What would we do without them? If your family is ready to add a special furry friend but unsure of which breed will work best, you’ve found yourself in the right place. Answering that question can be challenging when you have young children. We’ve got a list of the top dog breeds for families with young children.

Irish Setter

Irish setters have gorgeous red coats and incredibly friendly personalities. They love being with people and are great with children of all ages. They also do well with visitors who come and go into your home. They’re intelligent dogs and respond well to training.

As a quick reminder, Irish setters need a lot of exercise and don’t enjoy being alone. If you’re a family that travels often and lacks yard space or a place for your dog to run around, the Irish setter may not be the breed for your family.

Golden Retriever

You won’t find a more loyal and patient dog than the golden retriever. It’s why this dog breed is highly popular among families. They love to play and are excellent walking companions. Their respectful and affectionate manner means your kids will fall in love immediately.

Golden retrievers have longer furry coats, requiring daily brushing and care. Taking them to a professional groomer to keep their fur healthy is vital.

Cocker Spaniel

These smaller dogs make excellent family pets! Your cocker spaniel will love playing with your kids, and you’ll enjoy watching them both burn-off energy. This dog breed is dependable, gentle, and excellent with children. They love to play outside, no matter the weather. They’ll enthusiastically greet everyone who walks through the door.


There’s a reason Charles Schulz made Snoopy a beagle. Rounding up our list of top breeds for families with young children is the beagle! If your family loves to hike and explore the outdoors, the beagle will fit right in nicely. They’re small, sturdy, and loving dogs. They’ll smother the entire family in kisses and get along with any other pets your family may already have.

Dogs are amazing additions to any family, but make sure the breed you choose has the ideal temperament. It’s a big commitment to become a dog owner, so ensure your family is truly ready.